Abacus Service Offerings


AIB prides itself for having been consistently rated as the best intermediary when it comes to the services it offers. This rating is based on our Business model & delivery strength, management performance and customer support with effective communications.

Through a robust back office system we have the necessary experience to provide back office support over the life cycle of any insurance policy, a fact that puts us ahead of the curve in terms of service provision. This has seen us integrate the needs of the corporate /industry sector clients with underwriters and fulfill the required regulatory provisions.

We have an impeccable product development routine that focuses on products tailor made exclusively for the clients . As such we are uniquely placed to co-ordinate activities between underwriters, clients and multiple stakeholders.
Over a period of time, we have developed the ability to attract and retain calibre. Our staff have strong experience in the insurance industry for a long time.

Our commitment as a responsible intermediary enables us to respond to the market in a far much better way and provide you with quality services. We are proud of our reputation and accomplishments and are anxious to share our services with you from wherever you are.